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"Octane is a web design, development and internet marketing consultancy started in June 1999."

My name's Wayne Smallman and I sell ideas that change the way companies do business, usually in the form of novel web applications.

I'm also a writer for business publications (both web and print), as well as a consultant, adviser and trusted ally to my clients.

Web applications and business database software

A web application will help your business reduce data errors, loss and duplication, while increasing productivity, speed, accuracy and over time, help lower costs. Whether you’re a college, event manager or large manufacturer, chances are, Octane can help.

Manage your company data via the web

How your business benefits

  • Automating business processes saves you time
  • Increased work capacity
  • Reduced data errors, loss and duplication
  • Work more efficiency
  • More accurate data entry
  • Save money over time (greater ROI)
Premier UK and the To Book web application

Key features of a web application

  • Custom software, specific to your business needs
  • Access your data from any location, that's secure and private
  • Completely automate specific aspects of your business
  • Allow colleagues to share and collaborate over the web — track, measure and analyze your data

Example web applications for your business

  • Manage your company work flow and company assets from any location
  • Create team management tools, to share customer data securely and quickly
  • Simplify and automate project management for your entire team across all your sites
  • Bring CRM (customer relationship management) tools to your sales and marketing staff

Want to know more about Web applications and business database software and how Octane can help your business?

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