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"Octane is a web design, development and internet marketing consultancy started in June 1999."

My name's Wayne Smallman and I sell ideas that change the way companies do business, usually in the form of novel web applications.

I'm also a writer for business publications (both web and print), as well as a consultant, adviser and trusted ally to my clients.

Web design & development

No one who paid to have a website developed actually wanted a website; they want the web to help them promote their business. I’m going to help you promote your business on the web, make money over the web, and measure what you’re doing on the web.

For businesses in the Yorkshire region and nationwide

How your business benefits

  • Reduce your marketing costs
    Promoting your business via the web is a very cost-effective way of targeting your customers
  • Measure, analyze and respond
    Analyze the performance of your website. Respond to changes and the needs of your customers
  • Get found by your customers
    Use the search engines (SEO) and social media as legitimate marketing channels, and help make it easier for your customers to find you
the Kapitex Healthcare Limited website

Ideas for your business website

  • Engage your customers directly and be more responsive with a company blog
  • Edit and manage your own website with a CMS (content management system)
  • Promote your products / services across a range of mediums, targeting potential customers via advertising, social media or PR

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