Reduce costs. Explore new ideas. Expand your business.

Reduce costs. Explore new ideas. Expand your business. In simple terms, that’s what Octane’s been helping businesses do for almost two decades.

As the owner of a small business, it’s sometimes difficult reading the terrain ahead of you — a wrong turn often has a commensurate cost associated with it.

A typical Octane client would be:

    • An SME with a tight team: some working in an office; some working on the go; or from home, perhaps.
    • Has data that’s vital to the business, but it’s in different formats (sheets of paper, spreadsheet, incompatible file formats, and sometimes out of date or wrong) and in different places.
    • Aware of alternative workflows, or software packages, but — as an SME with a limited budget — those alternatives are either expensive, too specific, or both.
    • Employees often working to their limits, with little time to do anything else.

    It’s a common scenario, one we’ve seen several times, but it isn’t intractable.

    What is it that Octane does for small-to-medium sized businesses? We create fast and secure software that’s designed:

    • to manage and share critical data;
    • control workflows and assets (job tickets, bookings, orders et cetera) from anywhere;
    • and automate project management amongst a team.

We create software specific to the needs of a business.

Simple as 1, 2, 3…

Hmm, perhaps not quite that simple, but there are 3 distinct phases to enhancing the workflow of your business. So let’s look at what Octane’s done for some of its existing clients.

1: Reducing costs

Take fictional Task X, which is costing your business 2 minutes in lost time due to inefficiencies each time it’s performed. Now let’s imagine Task X is performed once per hour:

  • 2 minutes × 8 hours = 16 minutes.
  • 16 minutes × 50 weeks = 800 minutes.
  • 800 minutes × 3 employees = 2,400 minutes.
  • 2,400 minutes is 40 hours, which at — for example — £15 per hour is £600 per annum.

So that’s one task, and I’ve seen much worse. Each time you add an employee, Task X costs your business another £200 per annum. Imagine what would happen if that process was to occur at the management level, or take 3-5 minutes.

Whether you’re in academia, event management, healthcare, or manufacturing, chances are Octane knows how to help you and your business:

  • Reduce data error, loss, and duplication.
  • Improve efficiencies, and provide more accurate data.
  • Save costs over time (increase ROI).
  • Automate complex business processes.

2: Explore new ideas

Once the first phase is complete, your business starts to save both time and costs, month over month.

  • With the recovered time, we begin exploring new ideas.
  • With the saved finances, we begin funding those ideas.

Both of those things were either infeasible or impractical before.

3: Expand your business

Over time, the cost benefit of the software comes into its own:

  • Each new idea becomes a new method of improving services, saving time, and reducing costs.
  • Enjoying an increase in the bandwidth of business processes, the team grows.
  • You enter into a positive feedback loop of ideas and expansion, resulting in a growth in profits.

What would it cost?

What we do depends on what you need. However, anything from £10,000-80,000 and above over several years is not uncommon. Does that sound like a lot? As an expense, perhaps, but we deal in investments — and over the lifetime of the application, three things would be happening:

  1. a continual saving of time and costs;
  2. each new idea (as a distinct feature) would increase turnover;
  3. the software would be earning its keep … and then some.

Together, we build and maintain a platform that gives your business an edge over its competitors.


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Will your business survive the hardening economy?

Do you innovate or sit and wait? Work smarter, not harder, with Octane

In the current economic climate, it’s essential your business cuts costs, raises productivity and efficiency while still providing an excellent service.

As a business, Octane has been around since 1999, providing web design, development and consultation nationwide. I can help your business succeed at a time when your competitors might struggle.

Did you think the web was just websites? It’s now also about sharing data & information instantly with colleagues and clients anywhere in the world.

And because I, as Octane, have clients in the manufacturing, engineering and healthcare industries, offering their products & services globally, I’m confident that I can help your business meet your present and future needs — personally.

  1. Cut costs and raise productivity by being more efficient.
  2. I’m a designer, a consultant and a programmer — 3 people for the price of 1.
  3. Fully managed web hosting, email and support.

A sample of your FREE website critique

  • In addition to the list of completed projects, why not add Case Studies and Testimonials?
  • Add in CTAs (Calls to Action), to prompt visitors to call you, or complete your response form.
  • By improving the way your website is built, you’ll improve the chances of being found on Google.

To arrange your free consultation call Wayne on: 0870 755 0004, or send me a message right away…

So just what is Social Media and can it benefit my business?

The web presents opportunities and challenges in equal measure for businesses of all shapes & sizes. Figuring out the opportunities from the challenges can be an expensive learning process. Because we’re business people, just like you, we know where you’re coming from — and we can help your business get to where you need it to be.

Maybe you’re still unsure about what Social Media and Social Networking entails, or whether it’s appropriate to your business and its needs.

The Beginner’s Guide to Social Media

So you’re new to social media, right? That’s where my ebook, The Beginner’s Guide to Social Media can help, in addition to the social media services provided by Octane, a business with years of web design, development and consultation experience, which celebrates its 9th birthday on the 14th of June.

Social Media services include:

  • Building a presence for your business via the Social Web
  • Helping the search engines find your website or blog
  • Design, develop and install corporate blogs
  • Help you build your business brand and manage your brand and reputation via the Social Web
  • Web design & development, including fully managed email and hosting

Our core social media service offering

Before we undertake any project, we like to do our homework. We won’t say “Yes!” to anything until we’re absolutely sure we can help you. If we do say “Yes!”, then we may well:

  • build a precise, realistic plan of action — including a strategic brief and estimates of both time and cost, with deliverable, measurable goals;
  • work with your marketing teams and their strategies — integrating with another activities, such as any print-based campaigns;
  • identify your business niche — we will scour the web to find the best venues to promote your products / services;
  • provide an excellent web design service — melding your new ‘blog with your existing corporate identity, ensuring a totally seamless design;

The benefits of using Octane for your social media needs

Here’s 3 reasons your business should use Octane — you have access to:

  • a powerful network of influential and knowledgeable professionals from around the world, ready & able to help promote your content;
  • a results-driven, measurable internet marketing plan, geared towards your businesses specific needs;
  • a web design & development agency and internet consultancy that’s been building world-class websites and web applications since 1999.

Interested? Then why not contact us right away to arrange your free consultation

Website design for Barnsley businesses

Are you a Barnsley-based business wondering how a website can help you? Or maybe you already have a website, but it’s not performing the way you’d hoped. Octane can help.

Simply having a website isn’t enough these days. As a business, your website should be an integral part of your marketing strategy, intimately tied to your “off-line” print-based campaigns.

Additionally, if you want people to find you on Google, your website needs optimized for the search engines (often referred to as SEO; short for Search Engine Optimization), which will increase your chances of being found by both existing and prospective customers

Running a promotion for a new product or service? Then consider creating a Landing Page, to funnel those visits towards a goal.

Do you share data with your customers? Or what about staff working from home or different offices? Octane can create tools to help your business coordinate all of your data through your website, simply and securely.

If you’d like to know what Octane can do for your business, contact us right away…