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Overhaul to the Kapitex Healthcare Limited website.
Overhaul to the Kapitex Healthcare Limited website.

As an example, Kapitex Healthcare Limited — a market leader in the development and manufacture of medical devices for use in tracheostomy and laryngectomy — has been a client of Octane for almost two decades.

As of 2017, we completed the second major overhaul, retaining ExpressionEngine — a powerful, a multi-purpose content management system — but introducing some significant improvements.

  • Kapitex manage the web pages, while Octane focuses on the boring mechanical things.
  • A website that is at home on either desktop or a mobile device.
  • A slick, professional design that speaks volumes about the brand Kapitex have created for themselves.
  • Tons of room to expand — new products, or entire ranges of products, news updates, and recruitment.

More information about overhaul to the Kapitex Healthcare Limited website.

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