9 reasons your business should choose Octane to manage your web strategy

Not many web design agencies anywhere in the world can claim to be nine years old. Octane can. And it’s a milestone I’m personally extremely proud of, too!

And since it’s Octane’s birthday on the 14th of June, I thought I’d offer 9 reasons why your business should choose Octane Interactive for your web design, development and internet consultancy needs.

  1. Let’s get the obvious one out of the way, eh? Octane’s been around for 9 years!
  2. As a designer a programmer and a business consultant, you’re getting three guys for the price of one!
  3. I offer a broad yet well-defined set of core skills, which includes: search marketing, web design, programming as well as business consultation.
  4. I’ll help people make money from the Web.
  5. I’ll help people work over the Web.
  6. I’ll help people measure what they’re doing on the Web.
  7. I build business partnerships with my clients.
  8. Being based in Yorkshire, my reach is nation-wide and I’m just a stones-throw from the M1.
  9. Also, I’m the author of the successful Blah, Blah! Technology ‘blog, as well as guest author for several major industry websites.

Interested? Then contact me straight away and let’s see what Octane can do for your business…

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