Great ideas in search of good money

Four years of Research & Development really ought not to be for nothing. Frustrating as it may seem, that has been a distinct possibility for some years, now. Why? Because I don’t know the right people. Question is, are you the right person for me to share my ideas with?

Great ideas are worth far more than good money — and I have more that just great ideas. I have a product that is almost complete.

As a creative type, when it comes to formal project management and time tracking, things tend to be less than optimal. So I decided to write my own software to keep track of the time I spend on the projects of the clients of web design and internet consultancy, Octane, which is my own company.

But all that effort & toil just got me thinking.

“What if?”

For anyone who’s read read my Blah, Blah! Technology blog, that’s a question you’ll see me ask a lot!

Well, I did ask “What if?” and several hundred hours later, I’d written an all-grow’d-up version of my time tracking tool — and then some.

You see, it wasn’t enough for me to write an application that teams of people spread all over the world, connected via the web, could use to track time spent on jobs. No, what if I developed a platform onto which all kinds of applications could work and flourish?

Well, I did that too.

Sadly, I am an embarrassment to my dad. Why? I’m extremely bad at maths. And because of this, I wasn’t able to complete two key functions of my time tracking application, which are invoicing and reporting.

What do I need to finish it? Between £15-£20k to pay for developers to do the work I can’t.

What else do I need? People with vision, patience and the skills to push the software ideas I have, of which there are many.

So what are these other ideas? I’ve developed a platform for web applications that in some respects goes toe-to-toe with the likes of Salesforce and Microsoft. Did you really think I’d just stop with the one application?!

Consider a range of web applications, all working together seamlessly in a way you’ve never seen done before — not even with desktop applications.

Imagine an ecosystem where software developers can write their own web applications for Workspace, my software platform.

Think of the licensing deals and software subscriptions that come with creating a venue for software sales, promotion and production.

Yes, these are hard times, but we’re talking about software that will save people money over time.

Join the dots, guys…

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