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As a business in the information technology industry, Octane’s greatest asset is my own greatest asset, and that’s my expertise. What I know is what my clients benefit most from.

So it makes perfect sense that I should use that knowledge, expertise and know-how to help make Octane a more attractive target for businesses looking to expand their web presence via social media, or to help lower costs with a web application.

I thought I’d take a different direction, departing from the usual marketing routine and engage with fellow business people by more direct means. Since so many businesses rely on trade magazines and publications for news and updates, it made perfect sense to explore those channels as a means of exposing my knowledge to people keen to learn more about social media, trends and directions in web technologies, and how they can benefit their businesses.

Over the last two months, Emily Cagle, a client of mine whose website I recently re-developed is now performing an admiral job as my PR. Yet another example of the kind of reciprocal relationship my clients and I have.

As of yesterday, Octane launched its very own media page, which will feature “articles and excerpts taken from publications both on the web and in print” all ready to download as PDF files.

So in addition to my blogs, including the Octane blog, where I also share some of my ideas and professional experiences, among other things, I’ll also be sharing the views and insights I’m sharing elsewhere.

If you’d like to know more about the kind of things I write about, or perhaps you would like me to write something for you, please feel free to contact me right away.

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