Octane, 1999-2009: the first 10 years

Octane Interactive Limited was incorporated on the 14th of June, 1999. And a decade later, Octane is still here, better than ever, providing new media solutions to business problems.

There have been trials. There have been tribulations. I’ve survived everything from the bursting of the Dot Com bubble to the current global economic downturn.

For any business to last ten years is a major milestone. But for a web design agency, I breath very rarefied air, shared by few others.

So how did I manage this feat? Simple, really. I provide a professional, honest, frank, qualitative web design and development service. No gimmicks. No discounts. No small print. No hidden extras.

I go that extra mile and give you more than you’d have hoped for. I don’t just do, I think first. I’ll ask awkward and probing questions. I’ll make you think about your business in ways you’d not considered. I’ll work with you to understand what it is that you need, not what you want — you might want a bar of chocolate, but you need to breath.

Together, we’ll uncover your “Organic Knowledge“, and I might even exercise my right to say “no” once in a while. In the end, you’ll end up with a company website or a web application that exceeds your expectations.

But if someone is looking for bargain basement prices, there’s always the Yellow Pages, because I never have and never will compete on price. If they want a discount, they need to tell me what is that’s the least important about their project and we’ll cut it loose, because that’s the only way I come down on price.

When businesses come to me, we establish relationships and everything is built outwards from that. Some of my clients have been with me nearly the whole ten years I’ve been in business. When they call, they call me directly. Sometimes, I might even talk my way out of some work, because I know that what they’re asking for isn’t the right thing, or at the right time.

Right now, Octane is working hard on several web application projects for a number of clients. Against the backdrop of this economic downturn, businesses are turning to me because they know that when times are hard, quality, honesty and professionalism are worth paying for.

So here’s to another ten years of web design success!

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