Networking not working? Here are 6 simple rules.

While at a local breakfast networking event this morning I was talking to a business advisor who mentioned an up-coming event on — of all things — networking.

On the face of it, meeting people appears to be a simple task — after all, we’re social animals, so hard could it be?


Here, the context is business and a lot of business people have become resilient to sales talk. Now, if you’re a salesperson, you know the tricks of the trade here, so you might not need (or want) to read on.

I’m not a salesman, I solve problems and fix things.

So, I use a few basic rules…

  1. Have a goal in mind — or several, if need be.
  2. If asked for your opinion, speak with great care and be diplomatic.
  3. Avoid talking about things you’re not familiar with or know little about.
  4. Skip the sales talk, listen, and then wrap an idea around those things that pain them.
  5. For goodness sake remember the damn names of the people you’re talking to!
  6. Oh, and don’t forget the business cards.

Let me know how you get on.

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