Welcome to Octane — Web Design, Development and Consultation since 1999

Hello and welcome to the new Octane blog! Octane Interactive Limited as been trading since June 14th 1999, providing web design, development and consultation to businesses of all sizes up and down the Yorkshire region and nationwide.

This blog will serve several purposes, including helping to raise awareness about Octane and the excellent web design & development services we offer, as well as allowing you, maybe a potential client, to ask questions in a more informal setting.

If you have any questions, feel free to comment below and I will do my very best to answer…

2 Responses to “Welcome to Octane — Web Design, Development and Consultation since 1999”

  1. Wayne Smallman

    Thank you, Heidi! I’m very excited about my new company blog.

    This blog is never going to be like Blah, but it’s not going to lack any of the quality or time, either.

    Speak soon and thanks again!

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