If work ethic had a colour, what would it be?

I suppose the good news is, if someone like Trump could be President, there’s hope for everyone.

As a kid, I was a paperboy, working for Dali, the Asian owner of the corner shop — I know, a cliché, but it’s true.

So the first “job” I had came to me from someone of foreign extraction.

Since then — swatting aside accusations of being an entrepreneur with Trump-esque glee and defiance — I’ve been working on a not-so-secret project:

Under Cloud is the place to store, share, and link excellent ideas.

Capture ideas. Create knowledge.

I mention this because in 2014 I realised that I had taken the Under Cloud as far as I could alone. So I took a leap and … (cut to the end) … as of October 2014 I had not one but two employees.

But I’m getting ahead of myself…

I had placed a recruitment advert with the University of Sheffield and received 3 applications from: an Italian; an Iranian; and a Nigerian.

Not a White Caucasian in sight, or a female, either — but that’s another subject for another time, perhaps.

Now, this isn’t a left-leaning plea for us to embrace each other while a young church volunteer strums along to a cheerful rendition of kumbaya.

Bad people come in all colours — some orange, for example. So I suppose the point is, I am here as a businessman on LinkedIn because of a multicultural Britain, not in spite of it.

First published on LinkedIn.

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